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Friday, 22 April 2011

The "motivations" of First Post on this Blog

Good Friday, April 22, 2011No grand words of wisdom come to mind at the moment.  Maybe later.  Right now I want to thank Sarah and Rebecca for setting the example for me as the first in our family to blog.  I enjoy reading about your lives.  I also thank Jennie for her project on Facebook where I enjoy viewing her daily photos, which reminds me I want and need to look at the latest.  I am grateful for each of our ten children and love each one of you and your husband or wife and your children.

This blog is written first of all for our children, (I use "our" instead of "my" because Carroll and I joyously did this together), 27 grandchildren, and 8 great-grandchildren.  I also hope that a few others will find this blog and find something that resonates for them: retirement, video editing, spiritual journey, journal writing, and appreciating God's creations in nature.  I encourage all to leave comments and I will gladly reply, as appropriate.

One of my most recent goals is to communicate weekly with family.  Instead of emails I will use this blog.  I also want to see what I have learned in my lifetime so I will try to include the occasional bit of wisdom.  I am comfortable at the keyboard because I have been keeping my journal on computer since we bought a Commodore-64 (that was a total of 64 k of memory) in either '79 or '80; but I am not comfortable with how much sharing of a personal nature to put on the ether waves for all the world to read.

Tonight Carroll and I eat an Easter dinner at the home of Javan and Hensie.  Tomorrow Darius and Sydel and three teens arrive for the week during their Spring Break.  Glad our weather will warm up to 17 for Sunday because our grass is just turning green after cooler weather with highs of 9.  The green peas are just coming up and the apricot tree is just about to budd out.

At the beginning of the month Carroll and I returned home from a busy ten day trip.  We stayed at Roger's home while Carroll attended the Primary leadership in SLC and I enjoyed displays at the church museum.  Senior couples missionary reunion at our mission president's home Friday afternoon and the evening with the young missionaries caught us up on the latest news.  We enjoyed the spirit of three sessions of General Conference live in the Conference Center.  We visited with Marie and our grandchildren twice at their home, and attended Sam's eagle scout court of honour.  Finally we drove to La Verkin where Carroll enjoyed time with her sibs as they sorted things to bring home.  How wonderful that all five of them get along so great.  We visited in Moses Lake with my only living aunt, LaVeda and Keith, both going and coming.  Home in time for the grand opening of the castle that Javan built for Havie.  The castle (a sturdy 8' by 12', two stories, two turrents, drawbridge, 3 windows and painted pink) was packed for her third birthday party.

As always, hope this finds you all well and happy as you surmount your obstacles - or just survive them.  My bit of wisdom: We find happiness as we make it; finding satisfaction in the doing of those things that we know are good for us to be doing.


  1. Wow, not many girls get a castle for their birthday!

  2. The first time I read that Javan built a castle I thought it was for Hensie. I was thinking to myself: That's a bit weird but I won't say anything...

  3. Not very far off Rebecca. When we were over for dinner May 19th, we saw curtains covering some inside walls of the castle, and other decorations and furniture inside. Outside roses are planted and marigolds and petunias are blooming in front of the castle. In the castle I was priviledged to paint a picture with Havie. Havie even spends time by herself living in the castle.