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Monday, 6 February 2012

2 writing courses

A Big Leap 
(a true story)

 Frantically, I run along the stream bank watching the roiling
water of the flooding Logan River. Where is Donna, my co-worker? My adrenalin is pumping. My heart's thudding in my chest. This normally gentle stream is in spring's flood stage with the snow melting and rushing down the mountainside. I stop here and there looking behind trees at the water's edge. Then I see Donna's head bobbing in the turbulent water. The current is bringing her closer to me and to a big log angling out from the bank. I must save Donna. I don’t swim. I don’t know how to swim. Can I jump out far enough to snag Donna with my right hand and still grab the log with the left? I run at the bank, and jump. In mid-air I remember that I am wearing my new shoes, my first expensive pair of Florsheim Wing Tip shoes. Will the water ruin the leather?

I entered a writing competition last week.  I thought of the most dramatic moment in my life and wrote about it.  Lest you get excited, the competition is only for local residents and has no entry fee so that tells you how small time it is.  This all came about after I registered for two writing classes through SLR or Society for Learning in Retirement.  A classmate gave me info on the competition so I submitted a 1400 word assignment I had written for class.  You just read the first paragraph.  This story has incorporated into it many suggestions from Rebecca.  I am very grateful for her help.  If you would like to read more of my story(s), please leave a comment to tell me.

These classes make me write, and I am writing my Life Story.  Time to get it on paper before I don't remember anything.  "Let's Write" requires a copy of my story copied and handed out to each of my 8 classmates.  Everyone critiques it and hands it back with helpful comments the following week.  SLR has an account that pays for the copying.  The 8 week class called "Writing Your Memoirs" also requires weekly writing, but on assigned topics like this week's, "My First House".  Quite a mix of interesting people attend and I feel quite accepted, eventhough most of them have previously attended these classes.  Fees are only $21 because everything is run by volunteers.  One class is held in rented classrooms at the Martin Educational Centre and the other at a swank care home.  I am having fun and it's motivating to receive feedback.

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