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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Vancouver Family Visit

Picnic in the Park, in the City of Vancouver.  Carroll and I were joined by Javan,    Hensie, and Havie in our drive to the temple and then to Vancouver.  The day was beautiful.  We were impressed by the beautiful rododendrons in full bloom.  Hensie bought Filipino food and that along with Canadian food made by Amelia and Esther filled our tummies.                       

The day was highlighted by lots of visiting as we caught up on each others lives.
starting back left:  Amelia, Rebecca, Esther & Dave, Javan, Havie, Hensie, Grandma, Grandpa, Tali.

Grandma has started taking yoga classes (in addition to workouts at Curves, Zumba and Tai Chi). Her daughters are checking out her muscles.

Tali and Havie are both four years old.  They had fun playing together - like putting gravel down the other slide.

Amelia left today for Mexico with her boyfriend for a 3 week course on how to teach yoga. Watch out for the experts.  Amelia is never one to let the grass grow under her feet.  She was able to get time off from her dental hygienne job.

     The  monkey bars provided the opportunity for some friendly competition.  Sianne gets a rhythm going to get all the way across.  Rebecca made it too so she challenged her oldest brother.  Maybe she didn't remember that he just built monkey bars in his backyard, from the pink castle to the walnut tree.  Fraid to say, he swung across in quick time.  You notice Grandpa is not in the monkey bar photos.  He knows better than strain long untested muscles.   More fun to take the photos.

Havie fits right in with her precocious cousins.  She has great verbal skills; yes her mother is a great talker.  (Hensie is the only family member that phones us about every other day.  She just about has me convinced that she stays awake to drive better while she is talking on her blue tooth on the way to work at the Suko Thai restaurant in West Kelowna.)  Havie is a very determined and very strong little girl - don't you think?

All three of these girls, including 8 year old Sianne, are very charming when they want to be.  Grandpa just loves to have lots of hugs with them, and read stories when he gets the chance.
Meanwhile Grandma is still showing off her newly learned yoga moves.
And Grandpa is still looking for more photo ops and grand daughters to hug.

I am writing this blog right now because Rebecca wrangled a commitment from me to do so, with the contract that she would get back to writing in her blog.  Your turn Rebecca.

Grandma and I look forward to more family visits and maybe even blogging the ones we have taken while I have not been blogging -- like our visits to Calgary and Regina last month.  We love you all.

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