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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Way smooth!

What is hot and smelly and very desirable in our drive-way and under our Golden Honey Locust tree?  Answer: asphalt, pavement in our driveway. 
Yes we were way happy to have a smooth hard surface drive-way again.  The crew did a good job.  No more spinning our tires in loose gravel to get out of the driiveway.  Just sorry we will have to dig it up next year to complete the sewer installation to the back yard.
June 27th -- a day of celebration!  The next photos were taken in front of our home when three streets in our neighbourhood were paved in one day.  As soon as the asphalt was laid, it was compacted, so people could get out of their drive-ways.  That's mainly steam coming off the pavement because it is delivered at 180 degrees.   I put my head close to the pavement to hear the snaps and crackles, just like Rice Krispies.  Wouldn't like these hot and smelly jobs though. 
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  1. Papa, where are all your posts about the Gubler family reunion? I thought for sure you would be on top of that. Did you take any photos? Any memorable moments to share?