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Friday, 22 July 2011

Beautiful grandchildren; beautiful neighbourhood

One of my favourite things to do is read with my grandchildren. Justus and Josie are interested in books. Josie is an excellent reader and insisted she read every other page with me.

Jarom allowed me to give him tennis instructions. We had fun batting the ball back and forth. Handy that this tennis court is at the end of our block. This and all remaining photos were taken this morning.

The playground is also part of the Last Mountain Park at the end of our block. Glad our grandchildren are not shy of the camera. I guess not as I remember their mother, Jennie Hall, publishes at least one photo a day on Facebook.

Benefiting from our cool wet spring and even summer, so far, are the many Saskatoon bushes where the berries are large, sweet and juicy. This is something these grandchildren are familiar with on the prairies and they love them.

I love the orange colour of the Pondorosa Pine.

This large one is just behind our home.

Power's Creek is finished with it's flood stage and fun to play in. Justus turned 5 today. He kept asking for his present (besides dinner at Burger King). Tomorrow he gets to ride on the KVR (Kettle Valley Railway) with a steam locomotive.

I never did get Josie wet.

When I visited my cousins as a boy, we watched these amazing creatures on the irrigation canals.  We called them water skeeters.  See the large shadow their depression in the water makes even though they rest on the surface tension of the water.

I feel very blessed to have such a beautiful neighbourhood to share with my family. I love to show them God's beauties around us, enjoy the quiet of nature and quiet reflections (mixed in with the fun of course).  [Maybe I am emphasizing quiet because there is not much of that when active children are having fun.]  I highly recommend grandchildren mixed into nature with loving parents and grandparents.
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