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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Family Reunion Time is Close--July 29 to 31

Don't those cherries look delicious?  Jenevieve and the rest of her family enjoyed this outing.  Jarom, age 14 as of yesterday, said he spent the last 20 minutes of our picking, just filling his tummy.  Nothing like memorable events like this to build family ties.

Jennie immediately climbed the tree.  She probably remembered stories of her mother climbing cherry trees as she picked in her father's orchard.  Of course Jennie's children followed her up the tree; like 7 year old Josie.

Javan, Hensie and Havie came over for dinner on Sunday, like they often do.  Havie is barely 3 but she has the attention of everyone as she demonstrates her gaming skill on her father's i-phone.  Javan loaded some apps for her.  She is very quick to learn, and loves the attention.  But she also let others play on her i-phone too.

Justus turns 5 tomorrow.  He is a beautiful boy.  Looks much like me at that age.  He likes to help too.  Jay is a great father.

Jarom has the Hall genes for height.  Carroll comes up to the bottom of his ear.  He has matured a lot too.


I have been anxious about so many family descending upon us next week for the reunion.  Jennie and her family have been a great help loosening me up.  We have had fun together: reading, visiting, playing games, picking, pitting cherries, walking, eating, playing the dish game (don't ask), praying, Family Home Evening (FHE), watching home movies, and even napping.

Bit of wisdom:  Family connections bring joy, both in the present, as memories, and as promises for eternity.  Yes there is wear and tear, but it is worth it.

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