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Thursday, 12 January 2012


3 birthdays celebrated around here from the last part of December to the first part of January: Javan, then Carroll, then me. We took Javan and Hensie and Havie to Montana's for a fun lunch. We had just enough snow that Havie could sled down our drive way. She kept saying, "again". She even rolled her own snowman. Our weather has been very warm for this time of year with above freezing temperatures most days. Hardly any snow on the ground right now.

Carroll was completely surprised by her birthday party. 4 of her closest friends that were able to come for lunch on her birthday were: front lt, Kay Muir, Jean Bakker, back lt, Shirley Stanek, me, Esther, Diana Moyer. Esther took her shopping, and shopping, so she was late for her own party, but she didn't know it. We ate take-out from the Sukho Thai Restaurant. Her best gifts were the nice things everyone wrote about her in cards and letters.

We celebrated my birthday lunch at the Sukho Thai Restuarant where Hensie was our server. We like Thai food, do you think? I also appreciated receiving some very special phone calls and emails from my children. Their emails are now part of my personal journal.
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