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Saturday, 21 January 2012


A little lighter subject for the topic today.  Yes the snow is very light.  Light snow is much easier to shovel off the driveway and deck than heavy, wet snow.  So I am happy these last few days when I get a little exercise in a light way.  I wouldn't even let your mother shovel snow, like she often does. 

We particularly enjoyed ourselves over breakfast of oatmeal this morning.  First I turned off the radio because it just didn't seem right to be hearing about planting on the Garden Show, when everything outside is white.  I played a CD with nature sounds complimenting Christmas carols.  Then we watched the winter wonderland through the patio doors.  A little breeze came up, shook some branches of the trees, and caused snow to fall, cascading down from one branch to another.  At one point when the wind blew harder, it looked like a snow storm, only it lasted for one minute.  A magical winter time while we were toasty and warm inside.

We appreciate the snow more than we might because our temperatures have been unseasonably warm; just like most of you in Western Canada.  In fact you on the prairies have often been warmer than us.  Now we've had a week of colder than normal temperatures and that's OK.

I've been reading Grandma Gubler's autobiography again.  She often describes beautiful scenes of nature around her.  I hope you appreciate the beauty around you too.  We have been blessed with variety: variety in what we see, feel, hear, taste, and so on.  When the cold or bad weather starts getting to you, remember these two things.  (1) When my sister lived in Hawaii she said the weather became boring because it was so much the same.  (2) I read that more inventions are made by people living in temperate climates like ours than by those who live in continuously warm climates.  Aren't we fortunate to live in such a wonderful part of the world?  Let's count our blessings.
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  1. Dad, you're such a good story teller. Keep these posts coming!