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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Calgary temple open-house with Ammon

October, 2012, Ammon joined us for a tour of the Calgary temple before it was dedicated.  It is located in NW Calgary, on a hill overlooking the city.  As befits "The House of the Lord", its construction is of the highest quality.

We arrived at the temple at 7:30 in the morning.  I love this photo of Calgary taken from the temple hill; looking SE.

The temple sign at the roadside says:

It was special for the three of us together to view the temple, inside and out. 

Here is part of my journal entry for that day:  "Liked the tour,  much like the tour of the slightly smaller Brigham City temple.  The tour started in the chapel 100 yards from the temple.  We first viewed an excellent video about temples and more about the history of the church in southern Alberta.  Our guide gave explanations in each room.  We stayed for an hour in the cultural hall after with cookies and water, watching the modestly dressed people, talking about the temple, and filling out Comment cards.

The walkway from the chapel to the temple was covered for an excellent reason - our protection from the cold winds.  There were many volunteers to help and answer questions.
Before entering the temple we stood at a rack for a volunteer to slip booties on our shoes, to keep the interior of the temple clean.  Once inside, everything was quiet, peaceful and orderly, as we were led from one beautiful room to another.  In each area our tour guide answered questions and explained the purpose of the room: the baptismal font below ground, the topmost celestial room with its high ceiling, instruction rooms and the sealing room where  couples are married for all eternity.

We ended the tour in the cultural hall of the church where we mostly sat quietly and contemplated the heavenly peaceful feelings we experienced in the temple.  Temples do bring us closer to our Heavenly Father.

Back in Ammon's apartment we had fun with McKinley, age 16.

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