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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Rebecca graduates from Simon Fraser University

Congratulations to Rebecca on her graduation from Simon Fraser University.  The graduation of Rebecca from university is worthy of this blog going back to October fourth, 2012 to note this most worthy achievement.  That day represents many hours of study, writing and effort to meet the grad requirements.  It also represents learning, discipline, and sacrifice.  Of 71 photos on my camera, enjoy these few.

The graduating students entered the open air grad area in their Grand March.  A covey of bagpipers led them in and in this photo are standing on the sides.

We arrived early for the afternoon ceremony, but not as early as most others.  We had to sit at the back.

                                                                                                                                                                                                             After the long time of the ceremonies there was plenty of time to take more photos.  Introducing the one and only - John, the encourager.

Mom and Dad, the proud.

The university has many picturesque spots for the hundreds of cameras.

The new restaurant of choice where we celebrated, and ate pizza.

Two sisters joined in the celebrations with much joy for Rebecca.

Rebecca majored in English and Sociology.  She loves her job helping the handicapped.

All the best to you.  We love you.

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