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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Gubler Reunion in Peachland, Canada, August 3-4, 2012

July and August, 2012 saw the Gubler Family gathered around Peachland for their bi-annual reunion.  The following photos are not representative of who attended or of our activities, but nine months later I figure it is better to post these photos than none at all.
Ammon is Havie's favourite uncle, or is Havie Ammon's favourite niece?

Carroll's sister,GayeLynne and her husband, Dallan, stayed in our home.  We treasure our picture books and love to show them off.  This is one that Sarah put together for us.
Tali loves playing on her dad, Dave, and getting cousins to join her.

Back at the house, table tennis was a favourite.
The creek at the back (and down) from  our property is always a cool place to play and pose.
Starting back left:  me, Richard, Darius, Ammon.  middle row:  Tali, Sianne, Donna (and daughter), Valorie, Jenny, Arrianna, Keziah, GayeLynne, Dallan.  front row:  Sydell, Dave, Micah, Christopher

Yoga was one of the popular activities of the reunion.  Class led by Amelia's boyfriend, Quoc.  Food was the most popular, followed by beach activities, kayaking, talent show, scavenger hunt, and spontaneous gym activities.  Last - waiting forever for the bats to appear from the old school attic.

Javan made his health drink while Hensie tossed the salad.

Darius and Micah are extreme mountain bike enthusiasts. They brought their bikes to take advantage of great trails.  Micah is receiving first aid for gashes on his leg.  It doesn't hurt.  It's just part of the sport. 
Like peas in a pod, Tali and Sianne love books too.
Keziah takes lessons.  Yeah.

Micah and Havie.  Cousins had fun together.
The reunion also brought Americans to enjoy our lakes, streams, and the Canadian Rockies.  Most of all we enjoyed being together.  Until we meet again in 2014 in Idaho, eh.
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