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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Isabella, age 3

Isabella, sometimes called Bella, thrives on books, attention, and being cute.  Flanked by her mother and grandmother, she delighted in having pictures taken.  When she conversed with me at length on the telephone yesterday she asked to see pictures.  Isabella, this is for you.

Isabella loved showing Grandma things - like the breadmaker, well used in this home.

She loved twirling around with Grandma on the kitchen floor.

Bears come in all sizes.  Snuggled up close to her is Roar, her little lion.

Grandma is a journal writer.  Thank you Isabella for letting Mommy and Grandma talk.

Aren't we fortunate to have so many cute kids in our family!

Pieces of apple help pass the time while Mommy braids my very fine hair.

Isabella can be serious too.

One of Grandpa's favourite activities is to read with his grandchildren.  It's fun.  Snuggles are good too.

Notice the painting on the wall.  It is the Portland temple where Sarah and Rob were married.  That makes Isabella an eternal grand child.

Time to go.

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